Isolux Corsan Monterrey Saltillo HighwayThe Saltillo-Monterrey Toll Road and Saltillo Northwest Bypass are part of two very important corridors in México: Mazatlán-Matamoros and México-Nuevo Laredo. These axes are connected to an international corridor known as The North American Super Corridor.

Total Investment amounts to $10.3 billion Mexican Pesos.

Concesionaria Autopista Monterrey-Saltillo, (CAMS) is the party responsible for the construction, exploitation, operation and maintenance of the Saltillo-Monterrey highway and the northwest belt of Saltillo city. Under a long-term concession contract granted by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Mexico, the toll road will improve connectivity and boost competitiveness for millions of people in the surrounding area.

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Composed of two sections – the 50km Monterrey-Saltillo road and the Saltillo North Bypass (a 45km bypass that will eliminate the traffic bottleneck in Saltillo) – the development is essential for the region’s economic prospects. The completed project will connect Saltillo, home to 750,000 inhabitants and an economy fuelled predominantly by the automotive industry, with Monterrey, the main industrial and business centre in north Mexico. And with combined inhabitants of around four million, the road represents one of two major commercial corridors linking Mexico with the US.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Isolux Infrastructure Netherlands BV (Isolux Infrastructure), CAMS is under the supervision of a global leader in the development, operation and management of essential infrastructure assets. Working in three core sectors – transmission, transportation and solar energy – Isolux Infrastructure boasts a proven track record of developing and operating infrastructure businesses in both developed and converging markets.