mexico highway construction projectsAccording to the analysis provided by the Research Center of Public Finances of the Mexican Congress, Mexican government plans to invest $7,680 million Mexican pesos, or roughly U$500 million in infrastructure projects, of which U$112 million will go towards the development of highway and road infrastructure within the state of Nuevo Leon.

Monterrey, which is considered the industrial hub and state capital of Nuevo Leon holds a very strategic position for both Mexico in relation to the United States and it makes sense to fortify much needed infrastructure in order to sustain future economic growth related to heavy industry and bilateral trade amounting to approximately U$600 billion between the two countries.

Highlighted projects for planned construction in Nuevo Leon, Mexico include:

  • The connection of the avenues Ignacio Morones Prieto y Lázaro Cárdenas representing an investment of roughly $543.5 mdp or U$34 million.
  • The  Vía Monterrey – Reynosa, en el tramo Cadereyta – La Sierrita representing roughly $283.4 mdp, or U$18 million
  • Improvements to highway Pesquería – Santa María La Floreña and the Cadereyta Highway representing roughly $229.6 mdp or U$14.4 million

For more detail on additional Mexico highway construction projects, click here.

Source: El Financiero, SCT and Centro de Estudios de las Finanzas Públicas de la Cámara de Diputados

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